Corn Germ Oil Extraction Plant

Corn Germ Oil Extraction Plant

Description:Type: Corn oil extraction machine/Corn germ oil extraction equipment Material: Corn/Corn germ Production capacity: 10-5000T/D Main equipment: Extractor, D.T.D.C desolventizer-toaster, extraction tower, dryer, condenser, absorber Application


Type: Corn oil extraction machine/Corn germ oil extraction equipment

Material: Corn/Corn germ

Production capacity: 10-5000T/D

Main equipment: Extractor, D.T.D.C desolventizer-toaster, extraction tower, dryer, condenser, absorber

Application: Extraction of crude oil from corn germ through the negative pressure extraction method

Huatai Oil Machinery adopts the most advanced technology for corn germ oil extraction to ensure a high efficiency, economical and reliable crude oil extraction process. Cooperated with the design of oil extraction by vacuum evaporation, solvent condensation and tail gas recovery system, the oil extractor can obtain raw corn oil with high oil yield, low residual oil content, low consumption of solvent and low equipment loss.

Introduction of corn germ oil extraction technology:

● High efficiency and greater extraction technology ensure perfect extraction results. Huatai Oil Machinery designs corn germ oil extraction processing line with a durable stainless steel fixed grid plate and increases the horizontal grid plates. This advanced design can prevent miscellany in case it flows back to the blinding box and ensures high quality crude oil extraction.

● Strong Desolventizing ability. Toast Desovlentizer can adjust the color, taste and flavor of corn germ flour, reduce residual solvent and ensure the lowest solvent consumption and safety of corn germ flour.

● Negative pressure evaporation to separate the miscellany efficiently. Vacuum evaporation technology will separate the liquid miscelain according to the different vaporization temperatures with little leakage and solvent consumption.

● Vacuum evaporation with high efficiency desolvation. The secondary steam from the desolventizer toaster together with the remaining steam from the steam jet pump is used as a heat source, can save energy and reduce the condenser setting area.

● Perfect condensation of solvent with low level of residual oil. Combined with the evaporation system, the solvent condensation system of the corn germ oil extraction production line can completely separate the raw corn germ oil and the solvent. The tail gas goes to the paraffin recovery process.